Meet Claudia

born on July 31st, 1989. I'm a Leo

I like to keep things easy and simple. I'm going to tell you as clear and simple who you're dealing with.

I'm Claudia, I'm in my 30s and everything is perfectly fine. I'm from Ecuador. I lived in Miami and just moved to New York September 2019. I like to travel so I go back and forth between Miami and New York. Home is were your heart is so I can say I have 2 homes now.

My morning routines are waking up to memes to start my day laughing. I'm highly caffeinated, highly ambitious and no time for pendejadas. Yes! I'm bilingual.

I believe in god, people's vibe and energy, the power of the universe, Karma, The law of attraction, mindfulness, and astrology! I'm a Leo :)

I'm incredibly generous, passionate and enthusiastic. I'm loyal and self-confidence I'll be there for you during the whole process, keep it simple for you to enjoy. I always say If I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it big, and it's gonna be the best. I never give up.

I love to go on adventures, raise each other's game, have fun, be spontaneous and take risks, random fact I AM A SCUBA DIVER, best thing I've ever done, my yoga, my meditation time, my me time. I want to know your random facts!

I'm more on the reserved, laid back, chill type or person. I prefer to go unnoticed but I still have a strong character and personality.

A guilty pleasure I enjoy watching true crime documentaries, psychology stuff. The human mind is fascinating.

I'm more of the beer-type and chill out and go to bars with friends. I'm kind of done with clubbing lol but the only thing I still enjoy is going to electronic music concerts, concerts in general and music festivals.

I forgot to say I love pizza! you're welcome to include it on my vendor meal.

I can keep going but I want to know about you two first!

Are You Ready to Begin?

Frequntly Asked Questions



How do we book?

Booking is simple and easy as signing a contract and a flat retainer for weddings $1000 for photo sessions $150 the remain balance 30 days before the event.


My partner doesn't like photos is that ok?

Don't worry most of them doesn't like photos, I will guide you to get the best out of both of you! and after that I promise he/she will love photos to be taken. lol


why do you work with a second photographer?

A second photographer is a very important part to make sure to not lose any important moment or emotion when I am at another. It helps make the day go easy and smoothly. You can have different angles and perspectives. It helps me to focus more on you while he/she is making sure of getting all the ceremony and reception details that made your wedding day amazingly beautiful.


Do you meet with people before booking?

It's not an obligation but I think is nice to meet in person. Who knows at the end when you book me ( I know I'm that self-confidence) I can take some cool photos of you ;) so come prepare with your best outfit lol


Have you ever shot at our venue before?

It's great if we're familiar with the venue but still we always show up 30min before to scout the ground and decide where to shoot, light and weather changes constantly with the seasons.


How many photos will we receive?

The number of images delivered depends on many things, How willingness are you to have fun as a couple?, the number of guests, the amount of coverage purchased, etc. On average of an 8 hour wedding totals are around 1200+ photos.


Do you photoshop images?

What's simple, what's natural, what's real... I capture moments. I prefer to keep things real. As it is, as it was!
I'm sorry I'm not a photoshop expert neither a fan of it.


do you offer video too?

I don't do video but if you choose video at the contact form I have a team and I'll be happy to show you their work and send you a personalize package next to mine.
If not I can recommend you some great videographers I've worked with in other weddings so you can inquire directly with them.


What is your editing style?

This is a good question, My style is more dark and moody. If your looking for more white bright and airy I'm the wrong girl here! but I would be happy to give you some recommendations and you can inquire with them directly.