I Photograph with intention...

Fun - Natural - Editorial

What's natural, what's simple, what's real...

It's not only about good photos, it's a total experience, what you gain afterwards.

Every couple is different and so their parents that is why I want to be part of the wedding process to get to know you and what is important to you. Because this is all about YOU!  Your family and your guests. Your wedding day experience!

I will be there for you, I will pose you, dance with you, take care of you, laugh with you, listen to you, guide you, help you, run for you, never leave your side, let you be you until I get the best version of yourselves, send you sneak peek after the wedding, see you happy and keep in touch!

I photograph with intension… What does this mean?

I will pose you fast and with ease. Instead of trying to think of a million different poses, I focus more on words and actions. I define my photography style as fun, natural, romantic and editorial (you will feel like your photos could be be on a magazine)